29 de setembro de 2006

Jacob's Creek - Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

Nome: Jacob´s Creek

Safra: 2003
País: Austrália
Região: Valle de Uco
Produtor: Jacob´s Creek
Site: www.jacobscreek.com

Uvas/Corte: Shiraz 53%
Teor alcoólico: 13.7%
Preço: R$ 53
Onde foi comprado: Free Shop - Rio de Janeiro
Quando foi comprado: Janeiro de 2006
Degustado em: 29 de setembro de 2006
Onde bebeu: Em casa, no Rio de Janeiro
Harmonizado com: Quiches e salada
Com quem: Claudio, Rafaela, Cristina, Flávio, Rosana, Regina, Marcela e Mauro

Comentário do Produtor:
The 2003 vintage was preceded by a relatively warm and dry winter and spring weather. Summer was warm to hot, with temperatures cooling off by late summer and into autumn. These conditions reduced yields and brought harvest dates forwards, leading to well-ripened parcels of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon fruit with excellent flavour and colour accumulation.
Vinification Method:Individual vineyards were regularly monitored throughout the ripening period, with berry flavour ripeness and sugar/acid balance used as the criteria for determining optimum harvest dates. Parcels of fruit were de-stemmed and crushed into static and rotary fermentation vessels and fermented on skins for around seven to ten days, at temperatures between 20 to 25°C. Cap management techniques were optimised for each individual parcel, to maximise the extraction of desirable colour and flavour components while maintaining soft tannin structures typical of the Jacobs Creek style. On pressing off of skins, the free-run and the pressings components were blended together to give greater tannin structure and balance to the wine. The various components were matured separately before allocation into the final blend. The wine was lightly filtered directly before bottling.
Colour: Medium depth crimson red
Bouquet:Rich plum and complex spice notes withhints of cassis and currant, cleverly complemented by restrained sweet vanilla oak.
Palate:A softly textured yet fully flavoured palate, with an attractive sweet mid-palate fruit profile leading to persistent and satisfyingly balancedtannins on the finish.

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